My Background

At Black Swan Financial Group, LLC , we sincerely believe that most people want to do what's right: right for themselves, right for their families, and right for their communities. In fact, that's one of the reasons we created this firm during COVID-19. A "black swan" event is defined as an unpredictable or unforeseen event, typically one with extreme consequences. We can all agree that COVID-19 struck us by surprise. We were forced to adapt to the new environment which allows us to connect with more families and business owners virtually utilizing technology.

We are an independent financial services leader, providing customized insurance and financial guidance as well as experienced investment management to individuals, families and business owners. We offer a variety of products that can help you meet your insurance and financial needs, including, but not limited to college funding, retirement, managing costs for extended periods of care, and lifetime income strategies. The firm is individually owned and run, with a boutique atmosphere and the strength and resources of New York Life Insurance Company, the symbol of the best in insurance. Our business model attracts professionals who are driven to build successful practices.

You can take comfort in the fact that we have been a part of this community for many years, and therefore have a vested interest in seeing our friends and neighbors succeed. In fact, we probably have many of the same hopes and aspirations as you, and will be happy to share all the resources and information our firm has to offer.

We've found that getting to know our clients – their hopes, dreams, and goals for the future – is far more important. So if you're looking for someone who's ready to put their expertise and experience to work for you, please let us know.